Want to Visit Catalina Island?

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Ever interested in what Catalina Island is all about and what makes it a quick getaway for so many California residents? Watch the video below of the things we did on the island as well as some of the things … Continued

Olympic Peninsula Getaway

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This is a late post, but here are some pictures from my relaxing weekend in the Olympic Peninsula! Unfortunately our plans to go to the hot springs were cancelled because the hot springs were closed. Although it rained almost all … Continued

Lake Ingalls Hike – PNW

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Went on a winter hike with some friends up to Lake Ingalls in Washington state. Unfortunately due to all the snow, we were unable to reach the actual lake; however, we still got some amazing views and photos! Hope you … Continued

Backpacking Europe Experience!

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  About three months ago I went on a pretty epic, two month long backpacking trip through 11 countries in Europe. This was by far, the most adventurous traveling trip I have done and of course the most rewarding! The … Continued

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